Sections from our delivered projects

İLKE Design Aluminum; We have technical team and staff specializing in aluminum joinery, office partition systems, office decoration, office doors, glass handrail, glass floor, aluminum pergola, steel roof, steel mezzanine floor and guillotine glass. all the services you will receive from ilke dizayn aluminyum are guaranteed systems. In case of any kind of disruption, just call us. Our staff will visit you as soon as possible and solve the problem.

The materials we use as Jul design aluminum are supplied from factories that produce aluminum profiles with Tse certificate, which are registered for export, bottle glass for glasses and aluminum profiles for glasses.


Our decoration application

İlke design aluminum; Glass handrail, aluminum composite panel, wc doors, spider system glass coating around the elevator, aluminum skirting board, seating benches and iron carcass manufacturing applications were made in the interior of Besiktas fulya shopping mall


Office partition system glass office partition application

Ilke design aluminum: in our project, where we used a full glass office glass partition system in the office partition system, 40*50 mm aluminum office partition profile as material, 5+5 laminated glasses on top, and a 10 mm strip on the glass, giving a decorative image. office glass door 10 mm tempered glass-door handle dorma rondo handle and we used the lock with pressure by integrating it with a custom-made handle.

In our project, we created a different style by using a special gold color for our customer.


Decoration application-steel roof and guillotine glass application.

İlke design aluminum; Within the body of Dilek holding, photocell door, steel roof reinforcement, drywall decoration, glass doors, guillotine glasses, steel roof top were coated with osb and trapezoidal sheet and membrane were used for insulation, and sliding insulation was applied to the floor in our Şişli Radissson blu project

In addition, aluminum pergola on the terrace floor, guillotine glass interior decoration application with steel carcass carrier by creating a mezzanine area at the reception entrance, and guillotine glass and glass balcony application in the patisserie section on the ground floor.



Office partition system-our office application with jalousie

Ilke  design aluminum; In our Elginkan holding project, we have applied a dorma brand double opening door in the photocell door system, and an office glass partition system with double glazed top, 25 mm jalousie in the middle, 8 mm mdflam panel in the lower part, and jalousie filled with rock wool in the office partition system. We have provided integrity with the lower panels by applying an aluminum profile 30*100 mm thick, 6 mm flat glass, door handles, stainless haffele arm lock aluminum hinge system, office door laminated wooden door. You can create more spacious environments in offices by applying 4mm-6mm-8mm glasses with full glass, with or without blinds in the glass partition with blinds. You can create different styles by applying hoppe arm aluminum framed 10 mm tempered glass doors with rondo push arm.


Decoration and office partition system glass office application

İlke design aluminum: Onur İnşaat-nida tower project in office partition systems 5+5 laminated security glass full glass office partition system, office doors with special wood veneer office door and custom made handle, aluminum frame laminate door on WC doors, system, dorma brand on photocell door We applied a sliding door system to the mechanism and 10 mm tempered glass.


Office partition system-glass partition-aluminum case laminate door application

İlke design aluminum: In our Mutlu battery administrative building project, 5+5 laminated safety glass full glass office partition system in office partition systems, aluminum framed office door with hoppe arm on office doors, aluminum framed laminate door on WC doors, 5 cm aluminum skirting on aluminum skirtings, laminated wooden stairs On the coated steps and glass handrails, we applied an aluminum-supported 5+5 laminated safety glass system.


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