Photocell Door

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Photocell door, automatic photocell door, standard single and double wing sliding door models, which we encounter most frequently in our daily life, microprocessor ensures that the photocell door works with maximum efficiency, and the photocell door allows you to use the ideal movement and braking distances at the highest level of comfort. Autocell door can be equipped with transparent, colored, reflective, solar or combined laminated, tempered or laminated + tempered glass and aluminum profile systems that provide air insulation properly with special brush, gasket structure, photocell door with electrostatic powder paint or anodized coloring techniques. Automatic sliding doors are produced by making them suitable for all kinds of needs and tastes.

Standard automatic photocell sliding doors that open in one direction: Depending on the situation, it can be formed from a movable wing that opens to the right or left and a fixed wing on which the movable wing slides, within the integrity of the system, as well as the photocell door can be applied without a fixed wing by opening it on the existing walls, windows or facades in more limited areas. Photocell door Single wing applications are mostly preferred in limited usage areas unless there is a special reason. The minimum wing opening distance of photocell door single wing standard automatic sliding door systems can be 700mm and the maximum opening distance can be 3000mm.

Standard automatic photocell sliding doors that open in two directions: They are automatic door systems that slide on their own fixed or existing facades in a synchronized way to the right and left. photocell door Symmetrical stance and rapid opening by shifting the distance to be opened in both directions make double-wing sliding doors the priority choice in any situation where there is no difficulty in applying. photocell door The minimum passage width that the double-wing standard automatic sliding door system can provide can be 800mm and the maximum opening distance can be 3000mm.


Photocell door-sliding door-dorma photocell door

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