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Heat insulated aluminum joinery

alüminyum doğrama
alüminyum doğrama
aluminum joinery


Heat insulated aluminum joinery, review our reference images

Heat insulated aluminum joinery; As systems used in living spaces, heat-insulated aluminum joinery, hinged window and door joinery are quite common. The expected properties of heat-insulated aluminum joinery are mainly thermal insulation and air-water sealing performance, as well as the minimum feeling of outdoor sound in the space. heat-insulated aluminum joinery systems can be listed as taking the needed daylight into the environment and providing a comfortable working usage. Heat-insulated aluminum joinery systems, aluminum hinged systems are very rich in terms of usage options, and besides standard uses such as inward and outward opening aluminum door-window, double-axis, transom, pivot, it has many aesthetic-oriented additional solutions such as hidden sash windows and both face doors. in addition, the series of heat-insulated aluminum joinery systems; aluminum joinery sliding systems, aluminum dograma lifting sliding systems are applied to provide maximum thermal insulation and sound insulation.

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